Services // Cyber Security

Security Consulting
TPA Security Consultants are world-class, licensed experts that help assess security programs, enterprise risk stance and enterprise risk strategy planning and development for our clients. We are experienced in FISMA, NIST, DIACAP methodologies to assist you with all your security needs.

Our Security Consultation services include:

·         IT security policies, procedures and controls

·         IT security awareness training and outreach program

·         Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

·         IT Security audit support

·         Incident response program

·         Security architecture for diverse and complicated operational infrastructure

·         Annual compliance testing, ST&E

·         Security Accreditation and Authorization  (formerly C&A)

Risk Management Framework

Organizations face an array risks: financial, operational, compliance, security and other forms. Not all risks are the same.  Our experience with RMF will help you quickly identify, prioritize and focus on risks that have the higher potential to imperil your systems and put your mission in jeopardy.   Implementing the right strategy will enable you to manage and monitor your risks.


Security Operations

Careful preparation and vigilance are tools we use to combat the constantly changing landscape of security threats.  Let our network intelligence and security operations staff provides customized solutions to allow your systems to operate in secure environments, with reliable incident response and management, and according to your risk tolerance. We can provide business continuity services, and comprehensive security operations center support.

Our Security Operations services include:

·         Enterprise security solutions:

o    Network Level: IDS/IPS, firewalls

o    System Level: access control, server hardening, configuration management

o    Application Level: code review, application, technology assessment

o    Data Level: database security

·         Incident Monitoring and Handling

·         Risk Analysis and Management

·         Critical Infrastructure Protection

·         Continuity of Operations, Contingency, and Disaster Recovery

·         Security Operation Center Support