Services // Information Technology

In information technology the temptation is to try to convince the customer that you can do it all – after all, it is the biggest piece of pie in the government’s budget. At TPA, however, that is not the way we do things. Our goal is to maintain our core competencies so we can assure our customer’s total satisfaction with our work. In this light it may not surprise you that our information technology practice is focused on:

  • program management support technologies
  • financial management systems
  • and performance management/business intelligence technologies.

Today, technology has become the great facilitator of both efficiency and effectiveness. It helps get the job done better. But it can be as dangerous as it is useful, so every technology investment must be looked at strategically and tactically to assure it will meet organizational objectives and user requirements.

At TPA our Program Management experience has taught us what it means to make value added decisions on technology investments. We know what is at stake, and we have developed our IT practice to assure that we deliver services and technologies that will contribute to organizational and programmatic success.

To do this we provide:

  • requirements analysis
  • system architecture planning
  • infrastructure design
  • network installation & management
  • technology evaluation and selection
  • technology acquisition support
  • system integration
  • change management and implementation
  • operational management and sustainment

Whether we are assisting in selection, acquiring and integrating, or performing IV&V as with all our work we are process driven in our performance and quality driven in our results.